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CORE Physicians Group of Highland

Whether it is pain you’re experiencing from an auto injury, work accident, , or from a chronic problem, our team of pain management doctors and specialist can help. Contact us today!

From the CORE Physicians Group of Highland.


  • Tightwad Tuesday: Save Money on Medical Expenses – With the economy quickly going downhill, job loss and the loss of employer provided insurance will probably increase in some communities. Since I’ve been through that very experience, I thought I’d share what I’ve learned about saving …

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics – What is a Health Savings Account? Health savings accounts (HSAs) allow individuals to save money for health care expenses on a tax-deferred and tax-free basis. This law was signed into law on December 8, 2003 and became effective on …

  • A Letter of Apology to my Wrists – Dear Wrists,. Please don’t make me take you in for therapy again. I know I abused you, but promise I’ll treat you better next time. The insurance won’t pay for any more visits to that nice hand therapist that you like so much. …

  • Why I Love Yahoo! Answers – I was happy to hear the news this week that Yahoo has added a social element to its Yahoo! Answers service. As many commented during the week, it’s a step in the right direction to making the premier Q&A web destination even better for …

  • Why Chiropractors should support Ron Paul – by Michael Dorausch, DC. I’m getting more e-mails regarding the Ron Paul Revolution article from yesterday than pretty much anything else I’ve received comments on over the past 10 years. I’m going to repost a number of the e-mails I …

  • “Once Dismissed as Hokum…” A Guide to Writing About Quackery in … – “Once Dismissed as Hokum” is how Dr Danny Penman begins with a less-than-half-truth in his quacktasticly exceptional article about Spiritual Healing in the Daily Mail, “Could spiritual healing actually work?” This article ought to serve …

  • Video, Social Networking Use Up – Having been part of the evolution of digital music for the past 7+ years, it is a sad to see the RIAA still poaching from online user habits. There needs to be a referendum on streaming radio licensing, plain and simple. Otherwise, be prepared to see a vast decline in terms of streaming audio in the coming quarters.

  • The LinkedIn Blog » Blog Archive 3 ways to make networking work « – Jory Des Jardins from BlogHer had a great post yesterday on how to avoid bad e-networking, based on a recent experience of hers. The post resonated with me since one of my focus areas is educating our users on how to network …

  • Julessilver · My never ending lower back pain – February 2005 I was in the gym doing an assisted squat on a smith machine and hurt my back, it was not the first time. I have hurt my back several times in the past, the first time I remember hurting it was when I was about 15 years old and I was working at a grocery store. I am not sure what happened, but I must of leaned the wrong way to lift something, the next 2 days I could not move.

  • Dirty Little Marketing Secret Number 731 | Chiropractic Blogs – by Michael Dorausch, DC I’ve gotta let you in on a secret marketing strategy that is so effective and so easy to implement, it may just leave you stunned.

  • iPad Web Design & SEO: First Looks | Search Engine People | Toronto – iPad Web Design & SEO: First Looks · Tweet · Share. Using standards-based web design your site can also display effortlessly on the iPad. First out of gate, you increase your reach and branding by giving iPad owners another destination. …

  • Fefles Family Chiropractic – I have to give a shout out to my chiropractor. If you live in the Chicago area and need a chiropractor, this is the place to go. Dr. Fefles is awesome. All of her staff are family members and extremely helpful. …

CORE Physicians Group of Highland

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Having hard time to control my self!=(

Anyone who could help me. I’m having a hard time now controlling my emotions. I easily get angry even the reasons are just small things. I don’t know why I am so strange right now.

My closest friends even my sister are trying not to speak with me anymore. I know this is a very hard time for me.

I want to change my attitude, to be a good one.

I am ashamed.


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Help Bill Barry Fights Cancer!

Angels are all around us. Bill Barry spent his life helping others. Now with cancer, he needs the help he would never ask for.

It is a very difficult moment for a person to suffer any cancer disease. We are trying to raise funds for Bill Barry’s cancer care.

On July 7, 2010, Bill Barry, was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer, which has already metastasized to his liver.
It leaves him only with an expensive and grueling course of chemotherapy to extend his life. He just turned 48 on August 1st. His family want him to have so many birthdays to come. In the past year, they lost their family member, his beloved 21 year old son. Now it’s only him, his wife, and daughter, left to deal with more than they ever thought they’d face.

He has Medicare, which will only pay for 80% of his medical costs, and nothing of his prescriptions. The remaining cost is much more than his wife can afford on her limited income. He has never lost a battle, and they can’t imagine him starting now, so they’re looking to pay for a lot of chemotherapy treatments.
It is the people whose lives he has touched over the years that are reaching out to you now. It would be wonderful if he received just a fraction of the kindness that he’s given to others, now, in his time of need. Our community has been improved for his being here, and would not be the same without him.

To hand you help please click this site:

Please see this:

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